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About Us

Furniture Creation Manufacture:

Founded by Mr. Dinh Dai Luong in 2000, we have since become the preferred supplier of country-style furniture in Vietnam. With four plants in operation, we are supplying our furniture to various markets in Europe such as United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Scandinavia, Australia, and New Zealand. We continue to push the boundary of style and design; to come up with new furniture that is aesthetic and distinctive in character, and often exceeding customers expectations.

Our furniture is manufactured right here in Vietnam. The timbers used to make our products are a combination of quality Oak sourced from North America, plantation-grown Acacia, and reclaimed woods sourced throughout Vietnam – that means your new dining table, bed or TV unit could have once been timber to hold up a “train bridge” or a “farmer’s barn.”

Each piece is unique within itself having a different feel than another with each being “bench-built”. Every piece is as authentic as it can be in design with careful multi-steps hand finishes which all truly capture the natural look and luster of the timber to create a wonderful, story-filled piece, which will enhance with age.

Our distinct furniture style and unparalleled value is evidenced when touched. Each piece is precisely built then meticulously hand-finish using 100% solid timber, employing traditional style joints and methods, giving each piece a timeless feel.

Thank you for visiting our website and If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank again,
Furniture Creation Team

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